8th and 9th of September 2022
Grand Nile Tower Hotel

What is BASE?

BASE is the first inaugural multidisciplinary meeting that discusses the update in sepsis, antimicrobial, and hemodynamics. The idea of the meeting is to gather physicians from different disciplines to outline the recent update in diagnosis, management of bacterial, fungal, and viral infection. Moreover, the meeting will highlight the basics and advanced tools of hemodynamics management in critically ill patients.

BASE, in its first edition, will include outstanding speakers from all over Egypt and in different specialties such as critical care, infectious disease, clinical pathology, chest, pediatric, and clinical pharmacists. In addition to National speakers, BASE will invite several speakers from USA, UK, India, and Saudi Arabia to guarantee an optimum environment for interchanging expertise.

BASE is aiming to attract more than 1000 physicians and pharmacists inside and outside Egypt. The objective is to align all healthcare workers with the global standard of evidence-based practice of sepsis management starting from proper diagnosis, choice of antimicrobial therapy and optimum hemodynamic management.


Meeting Board

BASE 1 Announcement 3_edited.jpg

Ahmed Mukhtar

Professor of Anaesthesia and
Surgical Intensive Care,
Faculty of Medicine
Cairo Univeristy

BASE 1 Announcement2_edited.jpg

Mostafa El Fishawy

American Board of Infectious

BASE 1 Announcement.jpg

Ahmed Saad

Professor of Internal Medicine
and Infectious Disease,
Faculty of Medicine,
Cairo Univeristy

Preliminary Program

Day 1 - 8th of September

Session 1: Multi-drug Resistant Organisms (MDRO)
· Prevalence of MDRO in Egypt
· Advances in pathogen detection
· Management of MDRO

Session 2: Managing Sepsis in Special Population
· Pediatric patient
· Immunocompromised and transplant patient

Session 3: What's new in antimicrobial therapy?
· What's new in antibacterial?
· What's new in antiviral infection?
· What's new in antifungal infection?
· The best combination for synergy in septic patient.

Session 4: Antimicrobial Dosing and Administration

· Understanding PK/PD parameters
· Antibiotic dosing in patient with RRT?
· Antibiotics administration beyond intravenous route
· Top 5 articles in antimicrobial therapy

Day 2 - 9th of September

Session 5: Fluid and vasopressor management in Sepsis

· Restricted versus liberal fluid management in septic shock.
· Vasopressors in septic shock.
· Therapeutic therapy beyond vasopressor management in septic shock
· Top 5 articles in hemodynamic management

Session 6: Ultrasound-guided hemodynamic management in septic shock

· Ultrasound monitoring in shock
· IVC in fluid management: Evidence based practice
· How to guide fluid removal using ultrasound
· Ultrasound from ER to Home care.

Session 7: Hemodynamic Monitoring
· How to get the best information from CVP
· Invasive pressure monitoring beyond pressure readings
· Plethysmography-derived parameters: A new tool to guide hemodynamic monitoring?
· How to monitor lung water during resuscitation?
· Hemodynamic monitoring in resource-limited settings