Pre-Conference Workshops


11 & 12 Sep 2018

LRC (Learning Resource Center, Cairo University Hospitals

(Kasr Alainy)

Tuesday 11/9/2018

- Clinical Nutrition for ICU patients

- Focused Critical Care Echo (FICE)

- Bedside procedures for high risk patients

- Interventional acute pain management

Wednesday 12/9/2018

- Interventional chronic pain management

- Mechanical ventilation

- Hemodynamics simulation

Tuesday 11/9/2018

-Nutritional risk assessment

-Calculate Energy and protein requirements

-Enteral nutrition

-Parenteral nutrition

-Pediatric nutritional issues

600 EGP (Members)

800 EGP (Non-members)

Clinical Nutrition

for ICU patients

Tuesday 11/9/2018

-Using Phantom ultrasound training models & Volunteers

-Plexus blocks (lower extremity)

-Plexus blocks (upper extremity)

-Trunk blocks

550 EGP (Members)

700 EGP (Non-members)


acute pain management

Tuesday 11/9/2018

-Trans-thoracic Echo and chest ultrasound (FICE Syllabus)

-Accredited from royal college of anaesthetists (RCOA)

-Approved by Intensive Care Society (UK)

1200 EGP (Members)

1500 EGP (Non-members)

Focused Critical

Care Echo (FICE)

Wednesday 12/9/2018

US guided Musculoskeletal injection techniques

- Knee, Shoulder & Hip joint injections- Sacroiliac joint injections - Lumbar Facet joint injections - Muscle trigger point injections - Piriformis muscle injection

300 EGP (Members)

400 EGP (Non-members)


chronic pain management

Tuesday 11/9/2018

3 in 1 Workshop

- Airway Management

- Flexible Bronchoscopy

- Bedside percutaneous tracheostomy

550 EGP (Members)

700 EGP (Non-members)

Bedside procedures

for high risk patients

Wednesday 12/9/2018

-Lung Mechanics

-Ventilator modes & parameters

-Ventilation for ARDS & COPD


-Ventilator Graphics & synchrony

300 EGP (Members)

400 EGP (Non-members)



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